Lack of Self Worth

Fear of Rejection

Fear of Being a Victim


Constant Denial

Shock and Awe

Post Traumatic Stress


Domestic Violence

Violent Crime

Sexual Assault

Turn your Fear into Power

About Michael Saad

​Michael Saad is a no-nonsense international security consultant, an easy to follow self defense instructor and an entertaining, dynamic and knowledgeable speaker that never fails to deliver.

​An authority in self defense, Michael combines the physical aspects of self protection with the mental process of personal development to create a solid combat mindset to help you become a hard target for attackers… and just a stronger person.

​Combining over two decades of experience with his straight forward instruction style, Michael is the founder of Combat Mindset; a self defense and personal training studio and uses the basic principals to coach his online clients building stronger minds, that he teaches his studio clients to build stronger bodies.

Learn How to Turn Your Fear into Power with Michael Saad

You want to be stronger. Not just physically… but mentally. You’re committed to winning at this thing called life. Yet somehow, something keeps you down. It doesn’t work. You strive each and every day to grow and reach your potential, but you’re not even sure what that is.

You want to be a better, stronger you – but you don’t know how. Enter your email in the box and get tips and actionable content to make your life better, overcome trauma and just be a better you.

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