A Silent Addiction: Is Porn Ruining Your Life?

Is Porn Ruining Your Life?

While most people are more than happy to give their opinion on tobacco use, alcoholism or whether marijuana should be legal, bring up porn consumption and the conversation will suddenly shift. Our nation’s attitude to pornography seems an ambiguous one: half-hearted condemnation, embarrassment and the resignation that, well, it just can’t be avoided anymore. That’s […]

How the Hell Do You Write a Press Release? Like This

How to write a press release and why it's important.

A “press release” sounds impossibly old-fashioned, I know, but whether it’s an old school traditional newspaper or an online blog you’re pitching to, press releases are still as relevant as they always were. The good news is, they’re relatively short and simple to write. You can hire a pro to whip one together for you, or […]

Is Your Communication Style Sabotaging You?

Your communication style is important

Words are just like any other tool. You can be that guy who uses communication like a surgeon uses a scalpel or you can be the verbal equivalent of the guy that smashes nails into the wall with his shoe because he can’t find a hammer. So much in life, and in business, rests on your […]

The OTHER Bottom Line

The bottom line doesn't just apply to finances.

I say it all the time and I’ll say it again: A man needs a code. Sure, you need a business plan. Sure, you need a brand identity and a solid way to market it. But overarching it all is something bigger than this: Your business philosophy. Read any of the great business tycoon’s biographies […]

Ridding Yourself of the Poison of Debt

Having a lot of debt can feel like you're drowning.

Living under the yoke of debt can do funny things to people. While you go around as usual in your daily life, there’s always something hanging over you, always a noose round your neck, always unfinished business. Kick off your startup with debt and you burden yourself with extra worry, waiting with bated breath for […]

Damage Control for the 3 Most Common PR Nightmares

Damage control for the three most common PR nightmares.

Ok, so you messed up. Crap. People are angry, it’s your fault, and you’re not quite sure what to do next. If you make a habit of pushing the envelope, trying new things or hiring morons to work for you, you’ll likely encounter a public relations mess eventually. It’s time for some damage control. But never […]

How to Streamline Your Inbox

Streamline your email practices to save time.

Seems like a small thing, right? But messing around with a clunky and inefficient email strategy means you bleed away precious time you could be using somewhere better. Here are some ways to streamline your inbox and get the most out of your day. Teenage girl syndrome You check your phone/tablet when you wake up; […]

Maybe That App You’re Using is Lame

There's probably an app for that, but do you need it?

Look man, I’m just saying. In a world where being online is mandatory, where everybody is expected to solve problems with smartphone gadgets and where every one of life’s little annoyances is met with a chorus of There’s an app for that!, I’m going to go out on a limb and make an observation: Maybe that […]

Getting the Most out of Difficult Employees

Office gossips are some of the most difficult employees to deal with.

I really believe that most of the time, there are no problem people only problem communication styles. Manage people according to their strengths and natural abilities and you give them the ability to be the best they can be. But sometimes, the best they can be still kind of blows, right? If you employ people, […]

Stop! Don’t Publish That Crappy eBook!

Follow these guidelines before you publish an eBook

On the one hand, it’s easier than ever to publish a book — yay! On the other hand, publishing a book is now easier than ever — ugh. The traditional publishing houses are fading into obscurity and the world is slowly piling up with cheap, nasty, self-published trash. I remember the good old days when Amazon was […]